JK Dance Productions

Dancers, choreography, movement direction & creative direction for the film, tv, music, fashion, gaming and event industries

JK Dance Productions

We supply dancers, choreographers and creative concepts for Film, TV, Music, Fashion, Games and Events.

Our work has brought life to hundreds of projects for the BBC, Channel 4, Nestle, Ford and many many more.

We believe we have the magic formula when it comes to adding experience to brands whether that’s through a full on dance production, fashion show, TV advert, TV show, video, viral, flash mob, music video, live production, event or simply adding movement to bring dynamism to your products.

With unmatched creativity, a strong team and down to earth professionalism, we can showcase your campaign or event in an eye catching, innovative and cost effective way.


Television and Advertising Dance Choreography

JK Dance have provided the choreography and talent for some of the biggest UK and worldwide campaigns including Shreddies Knitting Nanas and Marisota Clothes.

Music videos

Dancers and Dance Choreography for Viral advertising and marketing

JK Dance provide dancers and choreographers for all styles of music video for artists including The Courteeners, Goldfrapp, Hoosiers, and many more.


Dancers and Dance Choreography for the Music, Fashion and Sporting Events

We provide entertainment and personalised choreography and dancers to suit all your event needs!


Fashion shows, Fashion models and choreography for retail and commercial events

Give your fashion show a unique and engaging twist - working with top models and dancers with the hottest UK choreographers is guaranteed to catch the attention of your audience.


Motion capture choreography, dancers and models for the gaming industry

JK Dance has worked with Freestyle Games, Activision & helped launch 'Wii Sing' on a national and international platform.

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